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Pure Evil carries the literal opposite surging of the Great Holy Spirit. No human has the fullest surging of this demon, yet the demon named Pure Evil will carry out Satan’s orders and bring the world great torment while the antichrist rules on the stage of natural events.


Death Spirit will continue to walk forward from the grave and among the living. The Death spirit holds all the dead in the death phase under the curse Yahweh gave from the Garden of Eden.


Murder works along with Pure Evil. Murder and Pure Evil work closely in preparing the world for the level of evil coming forward in these last days. Many will drink the demon of Murder in introductory ways before and while embracing and giving out a strain of Pure Evil.

Three Demons

Death and Murder


Three Distinct Demons

Part One


June 17, 2022

Early Morning


Seersgate is leading:


I want to tell you about three distinct demons briefly. I looked at the news for a few moments this early morning, and a feeling of doom and loss of hope gripped me. I can now look at others who take in certain social platforms and negative media and say there needs to be a washing in the Spirit.


Throw away the ways that take you from entering a deep joining with the Spirit of Yahweh and come under Kingdom order. Read the Word of Yahweh to see how Kingdom order is to move forward. The Word of Yahweh is our course setter, and there must be continual drinking to see clearly.


Now, I will briefly give you a review of these three demons. 


The Demon Named Death


Yes, Death (or Death Spirit) is an actual demon that holds the dead in the death phase as ordered by Yahweh. Death and Hell (another demon) will be thrown into the lake of fire. Death is in various locations where dead people are. But Death also walks the earth.


Death isn’t as pictures show it. This demon looks more like a gray-shaded spirit. Death holds the dead in the earth by order of Yahweh due to the curse brought on in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned. 




An Entry

“Death Spirit”


The Great Way is giving a plan that will truly change how all view the Death spirit, as mentioned through His servant.


Seersgate says:


I went to a gravesite with another person, and as we were waiting to hear the Great Way’s plan, we truly learned how the unseen way would walk with you in doing any work plan. I walked with her on the center road of the cemetery, and in the unseen, the Great Way showed me what was there in the spirit realm.


There were portals to Hell, even in the cemetery. Let’s drink a spiritual way and see why this would seem very strange: There would be only dead bodies—without the spirit part—in grave coffins. This means that all who are buried would already be in Heaven or in the Hell when referring to their spirit, which is the real person. The body holds the spirit and would enable other humans to look at each other with natural vision.


As we moved in looking at unseen details, it was clearly revealed that portals shaped like funnels had a major plan over the way. I was told that portals were in the cemetery, but I was only able to see portals to the Hell. Now, why would there be any portals there when all who are buried in the earth would already be in another place, out of their natural body? I will have to trust what God shares in that detail.


Everyone who is buried in the cemetery will not go to Heaven, nor will everyone buried have been in the Hell. This portal way to Hell—would that be a place where Death is welcomed? All buried in the cemetery lie dead under a curse spoken by Yahweh when Adam and Eve sinned and fell from a relationship with God (read Genesis 3). “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23, NLT).


All in the death phase of no longer living on the earth in natural details will be held in place under the earth—referring to their full way—by the Death spirit. I have seen the Death spirit through an open vision while at the cemetery in a previous detail.


The Death spirit is a literal spirit that is holding down all who have left this earthly way in a natural living. I saw Death place his finger, as a major tree root, on top of each casket. Death was shaped like a tree root, gray in color, firm, even when a coffin shook in a testing to raise that dead person. Here is a graphic that shows how the Death spirit has a firm holding on those who are in the death phase.

The Death spirit has territorial governing over how a cemetery operates in unseen ways. Many people fear this place as if the place itself is scary. Why would Satan have portals to Hell within a cemetery? The territory within a cemetery is governed by the Death spirit. It is easier to own a territory, to have a way to enter freely without ever worrying that the land would be spiritually cleansed. This way is clear since all cemeteries have dead people who are kept in the death phase by the spirit known as Death.


Death and Hades will be thrown into the lake of fire. Death will not always rule. Even this day, this spirit known as Death can be moving in submitted ways when King Jesus chooses to write a new plan over the way given to that person who is under the Death spirit.


To explain it further, let’s say you died. Upon death, you would be held in spiritual ways of bondage under the Death spirit. All have a curse, where each person is destined to die, but then, there is the resurrection. But when the Great Way chooses to raise any dead person, He would have to rewrite that person’s way, to have them set free from the Death spirit, even if just temporarily, till He changes that person permanently.


You have to view the Death spirit as any other spirit. The way to be set free from the Death spirit would have to be planned by the Great King. This is due to how many will be affected by that one raising. It is not as healing a sick person who still lives a natural way, but with raising a dead person, much will change and will influence everyone who hears of that report.


A person would lose a loved one and would go through grieving and healing and then continue without that person. But let’s say Yahweh chooses to raise your family member; wouldn’t that change have great influence over you?




The Demon Named Murder


Let’s talk about Murder. Murder is an actual spirit that works closely with Pure Evil. Pure Evil is an actual prince in Satan’s covenant demon outlets. We will dive into talking about Pure Evil a little bit later. Now, with Murder: Murder is a groomer, bringing an entryway for greater fillings of evil. Murder numbs the senses to be able to deal with greater surgings of evil.


The Murder demon takes a human life. The demon named Pure Evil yields no remorse and pushes that nature, ensuring a person shows no remorse during a killing. So, Murder and Pure Evil work together to ensure blood sacrifices, the killings of humans, are yielded into Satan’s plan.


Murder will prepare the person or a gathering for what is manifesting in natural ways. When the antichrist comes forward, the world will take in the actions of murder, being comfortable with seeing life taken. There will be a similar presentation of murder and sin, just as in reference to Sodom and Gomorrah dealing with the level of evil when the presentation stage solidifies for Satan’s world leader.


Murder gives a “cut and dry” way of taking a life: kill and done. The degrees of savagery in how a life is taken can be determined by how much of the person’s human nature yields to allowing Pure Evil to flow through them with free reign.


For example, in “gentle” ways of displaying a murder act, the program, movie, or gathering may show the evil act of murder with a covering or a filter (no showing of the action of murder). But over time, with conditioning, the shock of murder diminishes, and more violent ways of murder come out of hiding, displayed on media outlets without filters. For example, we can note extreme ways of killing in movies such as the Saw group, which I highly do not recommend viewing.


Here is an understanding of how Murder has changed in presentation through the movie outlet: Let’s say there is a movie from the mid-1900s. The lookers would look at a behind-the-scenes kill with the knowledge that there was a murder. Maybe a yellow tape crossed over the area of attack or an outline on the ground gave the assumption that a murder took place while sparing the audience from witnessing the crime.


Now, move forward into this season of preparation for the age of the antichrist: There are graphic displays of murder, the demon’s nature given in various forms: online killings (live feed), explicit verbal interviews, social media displaying movies of extensive killings with a violent stripping of a human.


These three demons: Death holds the dead person under a death phase. Murder takes a human life. Pure Evil brings variations of torment. These three demons are Satan’s target, his generals, in preparing the spirit realm for the age of the antichrist.


In today’s culture, there is a greater yielding of moving under the demon named Murder. But what demon syncs well with Murder? The lack of remorse stems from an infiltration given by drinking through Pure Evil’s nature. So, when a person commits murder, realize that there are levels of Pure Evil they will administer. And with Satan’s antichrist, he will surge heavily in the drinking and nature of Pure Evil, yielding the greatest surging of evil ever displayed.


Our discussion about Pure Evil is coming in the next entry.

Pure Evil


Three Distinct Demons

Part Two


June 24, 2022

12:46 p.m.


Seersgate is Leading:


In part one, we briefly gave notes on the demons called Death and Murder. Now let’s move on to one of Satan’s prized demons, one who will surge heavily in the man Satan uses to bring all nations down and abase before him.

The Demon Named Pure Evil


Pure Evil is a real demon. His way will groom the antichrist throughout his earthly reign. Within Pure Evil are levels of evil given out in filtered surgings. A person can choose to do evil deeds. There are evil doings, and we are doing evil ways when we sin against Yahweh and His commands. But there is a level of hatred for human life, and to take a life without remorse is to be under a filtered surging from the nature of Pure Evil.


Here are notes from the document “Demons in the Kitchen”:


Then came a demon who moved in high rank. The Great Holy Spirit didn’t tell me of the demon’s motive, but He made a few details clear to me as the demon stood there in the way of the entry to the bedroom. He told me that the demon that stood in the doorway was Pure Evil. That is the actual name of the demon—Pure Evil. He spoke to share on the nature of the demon, how he looked, and how much he wanted to destroy me. 


The demon named Pure Evil moved in a rank a little lower than the New Age demon from the evening training the day before. He had tentacles and was massive. The Great Holy Spirit shared that the demon that stood there moved opposite in nature to the Spirit of the Living God. This demon was not subtle in his level of influence. This demon carried a penetrating surging of evil oozing from his nature. 


Pure Evil laces his nature in movies. For example, a horror movie would show a demon-influenced character chasing a victim with an object; stabbings, shootings, or a mangling action would lead in whatever scene is viewed. Then there is a new way to display the lack of respect for a human, where there is self-mutilation, a stripping of the human. 


To kill without remorse is to be laced with Pure Evil.


The movie filled with evil actions will take you into drinking from Satan’s nature, but Pure Evil will give the literal opposite to Yahweh’s Great Holy Spirit, bringing full destruction to a human. When displaying Pure Evil, there may be cannibalism, stripping of a person’s natural skin, and brutal killings without the killer having a shift in their emotional state.


Killing people would not phase a person laced with Pure Evil; it would become second nature, the love of destroying human life.


Assassins may kill with a bullet or other object to move under the influence of Murder. But when Pure Evil takes over and infiltrates, the one who inflicts pain makes sure the victim receives torment. Carrying out torture does not phase the one who walks in traits from Pure Evil, for the one who drinks from Pure Evil lacks compassion and hates human life. A demonically influenced human would shift within and devalue using torment and savagery while the victim still lives.


The most concentrated way Pure Evil will reveal its nature is by removing value on human life. Satan’s workers operating in Pure Evil would even torment their family members to show how they sync with Satan.


People say that Satan did not come to steal, kill, and destroy and that King Jesus gave the reference of John 10:10 to certain ones gathered near Him. Yahweh helped me to see this verse reference in this way: The ones who serve Satan will take on Satan’s nature; they will be like their father (Satan) and be children of the devil (ref. John 8:39-47). Since those King Jesus referenced did not receive Him as God (ref. John 8:48-59), they would indeed take on their father’s nature to steal, kill, and destroy.


What was mentioned is essential to note. The reason there is stealing, killing, and destroying: people of today do what the people of the early Church days did: take on Satan’s nature and display those traits through their daily events.


But when Pure Evil leads, there is no mercy.


Here is a quote from the document “The Entryway to the Age of the Antichrist”: 


(Yahweh is speaking.)


Pure Evil: Literally wants to destroy the temple (human body) through mutilative acts that cause torment. The torment comes in viewing a person being shredded apart, bled out, skinned, eaten, and so on. Whatever can bring a destructive action to the actual temple, the body. Satan’s goal is to destroy the body, but Pure Evil wants to bring the greatest torment within, and Satan uses entertainment to yield a taste of Pure Evil.


Satan uses Pure Evil in his reigning of torture on Earth through the natural antichrist man. And now, Satan is preparing the world by bringing a dulling of the conscience, making people enjoy watching others receive torment through watching it or dealing with it in their own bodies.


People are killing people over road rage. Some are doing torment when they kill. Instead of just killing to kill, the wicked person takes a new level and puts in a strain of Pure Evil by stripping the flesh, cannibalism, or mutilation leading during the killing.


Pure Evil doesn’t want Yahweh to gain any glory in the human, and isn’t Scripture clear that the body of the believer is the temple of Yahweh? And this is why the entertainment world leads as an entryway to setting up the antichrist, the literal ways of how the nature surges.


Imagine the Church Era being called the season of Pure Evil, where everywhere you go, there are Christians hung up on a rack, alive still, while they are being skinned in front of a watching, cheering happily crowd of demon-filled mark-wearing worshippers of Satan. If the people would only see: the mark of the beast gives Satan an entryway, a rite of passage to take over their temple and seal them into eternity. Put the Scripture, servant.


(9) And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, (10) he also will drink the wine of God's wrath, poured full strength into the cup of His anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. (11) And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.”

—Revelation 14:9-11 ESV


Here is another excerpt from the previously mentioned document “The Entryway to the Age of the Antichrist”:


          (Yahweh is speaking.)


Look at that, servant. Satan loves the action of cannibalism. Satan loves when people eat human waste. Satan wants to see a person self-mutilate. Satan wants people to mangle others, torture them and keep them living. Steal, kill, and destroy. And those who take the mark that Satan’s groomed image gives, they are doomed, a permanent sealing, even while living.


Pure Evil works with Murder. Murder is a steppingstone. And once Satan gains the people a conscience that is seared, Satan opens the doorway for a rite of passage, where people will accept any action on TV and say it is okay. And once the minds start to sync with a strain of Pure Evil—just a little taste—they can be slowly overturned.

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