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Virginia & Texas

December 6, 2016


Angels in the Lord’s service say:


Tell it accurately, Susanna, how God gave you this major way of being tormented by demons.


Susanna says:


One day, my husband and I were traveling for work, and we stayed in a hotel in a place that we have visited multiple times. One night, after sleeping, I had a scratching episode with my back before getting up. On my back, on both sides, there was a large pimple that came out of nowhere. My first thought was that I was sleeping in a bed that had bedbugs. I was so mad at the hotel, but there were no bugs at all—no bugs, no spiders, or ants.


I was puzzled because these were bites on my lower back that were in line with each other. I thought, “How weird that a bug would bite me on one side and match it up on the other side.” The thought crossed my mind that a spiritual snake did it, but I did not pay attention to that thought. I started pondering what could have happened. The bite marks looked like a large, infested area with a large pimple in the middle. The sores hurt and were red, and it looked like poison was spreading. The bite marks grew over a few days and then left a scar only. 


The bite marks were unusually big as if a little bug wouldn’t have done that. I couldn’t figure out what they were or what caused them. I was nervous and thought I needed to go to the doctor just in case I was bitten by something poisonous. That’s how bad they looked.


Then something happened in another city, north of that location, in a more extravagant hotel. While by the kitchen counter in the hotel room, I felt a sharp pointy pain in my arm. I yelled out from that pain and rubbed the spot. I then looked down at my arm and saw a circle start to appear right then. I was startled. Then I started to look for a bug or a spider hanging from the ceiling. I asked Yahweh what was going on and what caused me to have these large “pimples,” and He told me that I would not want to know.


I was still in that same room, and it happened again. I now had two large wounds on my arm, and I could not hide them. They were painful and growing. This was not the same hotel; so, I could not blame bed bugs when nothing was happening to my husband; only I was getting the large pimple bites. I was starting to have thoughts of what Yahweh told me some time ago in the past. 


I started to ask Yahweh questions and wanted to know more. He told me that what did it was ugly and that it was good that I could not see it. I was still trying to comprehend what He was saying. I have heard Him tell me that I would have demons biting me, but I did not believe that I would not see that demon do it. As clear as if a human is telling me something, I heard Yahweh say that it was a demon biting me. Yahweh was giving me a certain training to deal with demons, but I did not know if it was because I was holding anger against my husband for how much we were not getting along.


I wasn’t sure if I entered another territory that I wasn’t supposed to be in, which would also bring on an attack. There were many unanswered questions. When He told me, it made me pay attention to the reality of being hurt, physically, by a spirit. Demons have raped me, so I knew that this was not impossible, what Yahweh was saying. Then Yahweh asked me if He should have it done again; so, I told Him that they hurt. He had me take pictures of the bite marks, and we are going to write a teaching together to help others dealing with painful torment from demons.


More bites appeared this morning, but I no longer feel the initial sting from the head going into my body. I hope this will be over soon, but I am not sure since God still wants me to deal with demons as if they are human flesh. Here are some photos of demon bites that I have received from various sessions of torment:



Photo 1


Here is a photo of a snake bite from a spiritual snake. The spiritual snake bit me sideways. See the two red circle marks—one towards the front and one close to my back.

Spiritual Snake Bite - Seersgate


Photo 2


Here is another photo of a spiritual attack that comes out as a natural bite mark from an incident in a training session. I have taken on various forms of demons, biting me all over my body. This particular form of torment causes great pain. It starts off looking like a pimple; then, it spreads out from the point of origin.


The sores are very red and feel like a deep sunburn. The burning sensation and the painful aching from the bite cause excessive itching. This is a supernatural act, yet it produces a painful natural experience, keeping the victim in anguish until the point of origin becomes a scab and forms a crust over the skin.



Photo 2 - Demon Bite - Seersgate



When doorways are opened that should not be, these doorways can bring on spiritual attacks that cannot be reasoned away with natural occurrences. We must see that spiritual beings can affect natural details, and a great deal of our pain can take root from a spiritual base. Demons can come and torment from any painful action not dealt with. 


Yahweh says that walking into another territory without permission while having doorways opened from painful experiences from any part of your life will be all that is needed to bring on this painful torment.


Make things holy and pure under God Yahweh’s will. Let go of your hurts and pain in prayer and with reconciliation. Get the past issues resolved by King Jesus’ grace. Forgive those who hurt you so that Satan will not gain leeway over your body, soul, or spirit. Amen.

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