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These are Kingdom teachings that bring an understanding of various spirit realm engagements, how Yahweh brings a revealing of Satan, and three other demons that work under Satan.


Pure Evil carries the literal opposite surging of the Great Holy Spirit. No human has the fullest surging of this demon, yet the demon named Pure Evil will carry out Satan’s orders and bring the world great torment while the antichrist rules on the stage of natural events.


Death Spirit will continue to walk forward from the grave and among the living. The Death spirit holds all the dead in the death phase under the curse Yahweh gave from the Garden of Eden.


Murder works along with Pure Evil. Murder and Pure Evil work closely in preparing the world for the level of evil coming forward in these last days. Many will drink the demon of Murder in introductory ways before and while embracing and giving out a strain of Pure Evil.


It is good to learn how Satan deals with the Church. These teachings bring awareness to the motives and work of these demons. They can also prepare the saints to work with Yahweh to prevent these demons from leading in the churches.



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