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Familiar Spirits

Territorial: A Lesson on Familiar Spirits


Yahweh says:


You were shown the familiar spirit that is in your family heritage in the spirit realm. They are in naïve ways about the spirit nature that surrounds them and doesn’t want to think that angels aren’t the plan that may surround them.


Your mother prayed for angels to surround her, and then she said she saw a person leave out of her dwelling. Then a person who counsels her said that the spirit she saw had to be an angel just based on how she was praying for protection.


Let’s bring this way of false security to a halt right at this very moment. Her natural mentors are not trained in spiritual encounters like the way that I have trained you in “spirit” matters. They are blind to the spirit realm and would blindly assume that all spirits gathered around Christians are of Yahweh.


I just gave you a very accurate view of the spirit that left her dwelling. It was not a godly representation. It was not an angel of Yahweh. It was a demon that followed the family line that was attached to your mom’s mother. That spirit is looking to join in covenant ways with another in the family.


Where did I show where the demon was in your territory? Outside, near your backyard on the patio, watching your activity from outside. Why is that demon outside and not coming in and out of your dwelling? You were under a covenant in the past to have this demon come and torment your way, but We broke the covenant with a prayer that will give your direct descendants freedom from torment.


Guess what will now happen? With those who are not cleansed from this connection in natural ways with spiritual cleansing, if they are a direct joining under your mother, they will have visits from this demon that comes and appears as a dead relative. And they will have torment just as the dead grandmother once did. Tell them. Say the view that was given in a dream.


Susanna has a will from Yahweh:


The spirit realm is now being revealed to me on another level, where, with the seeing of the spirits that are present, they look as a natural way. They look fleshly. The spirit realm is now taking on natural presentation, where I am enabled to look at the spirit realm and see facial details of angels and demons of all ranks and granted authority.


With the vision of the night, I clearly saw the face of the demon that stood outside the house patio door. I had a clear view of the face that was a human way but had very dark circles for the eyes and had circles only of dark ways. There was a strong resemblance to the grandmother’s dead husband, who tormented her and showed her that way of presentation often. Others have seen the way the demon comes—referring to the way of this demon to a person’s line in an exclusive manner.


It was clear why the demon stood outside. And it should be clear that they can know where you work and where you go to church and run out tasks each day. Why could the demon stand on the patio and not enter the house? Isn’t the patio also a part of the house territory? It would have been if I didn’t relinquish that area to the next-door neighbor who was constantly taking leverage over the land we were renting.


Let me give a sharing of what took way: There is a small land area located between the two townhouses. There is no natural divider that would tell where one boundary ends and the next one begins.


With that problem of not being able to view the natural territorial boundary, we were looked upon in poor ways by the wife who came over and told us that cigarettes were left in the grass, harming her dog, when we both did not smoke. Others may have, but it is our rented temporary land, and her complaint came against this landowner.


Her husband volunteered to cut all of the grass—both parts. Since they were continually having their kids and dog on both parts of the land, it was a wise plan to relinquish the little slit of land that divided both houses. We did not want to deal with an unwanted entity coming into our territory in repeated ways. If they owned the land, they felt they had the power to lord over another who they knew were just leasing the near land joined in location.


I will say it clearly. I told Yahweh that since I did not buy the house, and since we were only staying for a short time, I did not care about giving up that land surrounding the actual house. And in the spirit realm, I saw Yahweh place a spiritual hedge of protection just around the land and house boundary. And the hedge looks like a natural fence but a white outline instead.


The outline of spiritual protection no longer covers our backyard or the little land space of a few yards on one side of the house. It is literally the driveway and the house that is joined under territorial blood; apart from when we walk out and enjoy the natural surroundings, this covering will extend and give protection. And that is the reason why the demon stood on the outside yet was still on the property of the natural dwelling.


Yahweh says:


And now can you see it, servant? Can you see that it needs to be pushed into natural ways—your future? Who can you seek in counsel? Who has made raising the dead as second nature? Is there anybody else who has your heart for the Seersgate work? Is there anyone else with your work?


What is now needed? The fullness of natural time. What is the needed step? Presentation. Is it time to walk forward into purpose? Who can tell? I would have to bring the glory level forward. I would have to start transferring spiritual glory into the earth where the people can see it.


I poured out the fullness of the needed glory for the next stage of work. But you still look the old power way. We need you to turn into the way of presentation. I need your spirit to also detox. I need a warrior who can go forward into the world and not fear an encounter with the spirit realm.


How do you learn My work? I give you experiential training. You need to have a training that is a power-filled level. Not just books, not just seminary, and not just waiting on someone else—it’s now given to invoke Yahweh.


What is a seer? You can see in the spirit realm and bring a will from Yahweh, in prayer form, to have a territory built that will bring Heavenly influences into natural outlets. I give you My power. I give you the next level of work. Power, not money, is the way to build up Our Kingdom work. You are ready. Being able to see that demon activated Stage Three. I showed you where I want to train you in this next level of work.


How are the world leaders going to know that this world work is of Yahweh? I would have to tell them. The dam is getting ready to crumble. The spiritual dam is coming to an end. And you will become a way of mentorship with the whole world when I give photos of natural ways that reflect what is there in the spirit realm. Where will you go and hide when I share with the world what angels and demons look like?


It will happen, where you go and pray that I raise Paul Walker, Myles Munroe, and Prince from the dead, and you will witness sample resurrections. No digging up of dead people. No faking burial resurrections. No cutting your flesh for My attention. Clean hands and a pure heart will be the needed catalyst to have a close way with Me. What do you bring? It is clear. You are fully yielded to My will of going without various junk indefinitely. You yield to Me.


Begin your work, and I will let you build the major world platform with great waves of the glory of God taking over all that is given. We will never let you falter. It is moving forward. The work is given. I place My seal upon your forehead in a new level power way. And no one can put an end to a real work of the Great I AM.

Familiar Spirit

 (S.W.A.D. Entry)


Seersgate says:


There was a familiar spirit in the dwelling that I visited. This has been a major plan—to deal with these demons in real ways fully. It was looking at me from another room. The person that this familiar spirit looked like definitely resembled a dead relative.


This demon was in that dwelling for many years and even spoke to the person closest to the deceased. That will make it a clear way to see that many who grieve their loved one think there would be a way given for that person to leave the Heaven or the Hell to come and meet them, as if there is true freedom from the death spirit, to do so. Once you are dead, only through the Great Way King Jesus will allowance be given to set any person free from the bondage under the death spirit. 


I saw this familiar spirit come and torment little children. I heard of others trying to communicate with it. Don’t you truly see that Satan will work on getting children in a plan to engage his demons while they are still very young? Do not dismiss your children’s cry for help when they say they see creatures or anything scary in their room. Make sure you pray over your home and ask Yahweh to protect you.


But the first step ever to getting your home under Yahweh’s order would be to cleanse it, with removing anything that would give Satan a territorial right to be in that dwelling. Cleanse it from the natural and the spiritual avenues. Learn to ask the Great Holy Spirit if you should read certain Scriptures to help you get your details in order. You will most likely need a plan for systematic removal of the old way while sealing the entryways, as it’s cleansed. 


God can shut down the familiar spirit in the family line. But when others want it to stay, it will make it hard to clean up all of those plans that have been in place with the demon being in familiar ways with others. Have a way to look at why there would be a familiar spirit in the first place. Has any in your family planned a visit with any demon, using any form of witchcraft? Has any engaged a spirit that masquerades as a family member? Has any received a gift or bought an object to cause an entryway to be made that welcomes demons by territorial right?


What about your children: Have they been telling how a man or woman, or young child has been in their room after they are left alone at night? Most demons prefer to visit children in the dark hours when they are alone and afraid to call out for help. Some hours of the day are special times when witches, warlocks, and Satan-based church members come and conjure up unique plans in celebration of their master. 


Spiritual gates are real; so also would be demons and angels. It would be wonderful if every person had a will only to see angels, yet that would be a fairytale. Satan will make sure he reveals his will in sending his demons to any who would have a weak way and yield to let him take a ruling way. There must be a real release and cleansing in the family to have this demon cut off. 

Dealing With Inheritance Demons


The Great Way says:


You have been getting major details in your spirit concerning what others have been dealing with. People are under major demon oppression in their way due to major details in spiritual connection due to familiar spirits.


What is a familiar spirit? It is a spirit that is connected to a certain family line. That spirit brings torment to that family, and they are given through inheritance. Familiar spirits also come to a family member in the shape of a dead relative, to give them a way to believe they truly talk with a dead loved one.


Details shared in conversation with the demon may seem truly real, yet they will not have the ability to really be that dead person. Why a familiar spirit? Many have attachments that must be dealt with. They think it is a detail to deal with in continual movings, but the Great Way is able to break off all details with family-based demons through a simple prayer.


Put your life in order with Yahweh. Do not try to serve Yahweh and Satan. You can love one or the other. Know the Kingdom of Yahweh through inheriting eternal life. First, take on eternal salvation; then, take on the spiritual removal of inheritance demons.


Prayer of Salvation


Dear Jesus. I ask You to forgive me of all of my sins. I ask You to save me. I have turned my back on You, but now I come to You. Please cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Please heal me. Please heal me in every area of my life. Most importantly, please come to live within me. I want to know You. I want to have a relationship with You. I am Yours. I am Yours forever, my God, my King, and I choose to serve You for the rest of my days. Thank You, Lord, for dying for me and for saving me. I receive all that You have for me. I look forward to being with You forever. Amen.


Prayer to Be Released from Inheritance Demons


Father, Your Spirit has the great power to give a release in me through the blood of King Jesus that will set me free from all inheritance demons. Any demon that is scheduled to enter me or to torment me in any way will have to submit to the name of King Jesus. I am a true follower of King Jesus. Lord, I ask You to reveal any sin within me that I have not repented from. I ask that Your precious blood will cleanse me from my sins. Dear King Jesus, take Your place in my spirit as Lord and God over all areas. In the name of King Jesus, I command every demon that has taken residence in me to leave at this very moment. In the name of King Jesus, I command every familiar spirit, every generational curse to break from me. In the name of King Jesus, I have fully been released. Demons connected to my family: Go where King Jesus sends you; never return to torment me in any way, shape, or form. Great King, please seal my heart, my spirit, with Your blood, and have my family line made pure from all details. Please bless this family detail in me, where my children will not have a demon-dealing based on any previous will from dealing with demons in the family in any way, shape, or form. Lord, please also show if there is any hurt within me that must be dealt with; please bring it to the surface. I no longer want to be wounded within. Healing is important too. Please show me these people, these details, if any, that must be dealt with, so no demon will be given details about me, to use against me, to then torment me. No fear will keep me from trusting You, Great King. Please burn out all details in me that are not pleasing to You. I submit to Your will. Use me for Your glory. Amen.

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