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April 26, 2022

7:17 a.m.


This question has recently been asked by a few who were curious, and some were wondering if I made this plan up and have mental issues. I will not attempt to prove that I did indeed go through this training with Yahweh, but I will share a little taste of what happened throughout my growing up.


The first time I heard Yahweh talk to me took place when I was a teenager, sitting in a local church, pastored by someone I knew of. I recorded this activation in the notes labeled “The First Time I Heard Yahweh,” which is available from the list provided.


I was a young teenager who grew up within the church outlets for all the years prior, but no one could teach me how Yahweh’s voice would sound. I didn’t have to take “hearing and tuning in” classes to hear Yahweh speak anything. He started talking as if He was sitting right next to me. I knew it was not my voice (My voice is not deep sounding like a man’s.). I knew that particular day that no others were speaking with me (I sat next to no one.). How would a person keep Yahweh from speaking if He initiates the conversation?


From a teenage phase, I heard Yahweh, saw visions, and dreamed dreams, yet I could not understand what was happening to me. I really thought that everyone in church would talk to Yahweh, and I never considered that having others hear of my stories or sharing what Yahweh would say would be interpreted as boasting.


There was a childlike excitement to take in more of Yahweh’s visits. Still, when I shared what He was doing in hopes of support or leadership guidance to help me embrace whatever Yahweh was moving forward, the leadership would dismiss me or say that there would not be that way of engaging Yahweh.


Imagine a person discovers they have a hidden power, but they are afraid to tell others for fear of being misunderstood. And when they did, there was a fear of being dismissed until they showed what the power could do.


Who could I turn to when church leaders did not want to cultivate the power and train me in what was happening? And this is where I ended up: writing down visions, dreams, meetings, training notes over the years, storing them until Yahweh gave an order to share them.


I dealt with thirty years of novice training—learning how to give messages, hear and deal with spirit engagement, hold my tongue, and speak only when and about what Yahweh gave. Yes, it’s more difficult than it seems to move under Kingdom order, yielding free will in the service of Yahweh. Thirty years in training that no one could remove from me.


At first, there were “spiritual treats,” a form of wooing, to gain my attention. For example, in the early days, the visions were vivid, and the dreams of King Jesus were detailed. One of the visits to Heaven was not only visually detailed, but I could literally feel my surroundings. When I ate a fruit from a tree planted by the clear river in Heaven, I could taste its flavor. I could feel the silk clothing on the angel, and his wing was thick in diameter. Very real.


But I cannot prove these experiences happened. Still, they kept me waiting on Yahweh while I entered a trust system, which helped me endure the rejection of being a reformation prophet in training. But I did not learn of my entire work in the early days; learning of that would have scared me.


And in the year 2010, Yahweh gave a ten-year Cave training season (while under the thirty-year novice plan). The Mantle Markers page outlines my stages of spiritual upgrades.


The Cave training hid my spiritual mantle for ten years so I could learn how to deal with painful rejection. It’s different when Yahweh says they will hurt your feelings and label you a heretic than to face it in your daily living. Yahweh trained me with experiences and waiting on messages of those I knew to come to pass so I would learn first-hand what His will would look like in real ways.


The Cave training was also a time when I tasted heavy spirit engagement. I learned how moving against Yahweh would be detrimental in the actual Prophet’s office. I understood recently (the past few years) that Yahweh wanted me to deal with Him as if I lived in the times of Elijah and Elisha. Yahweh gave hints or statements while in the cave about how there is a world-level calling or His training would be hard to embrace, but I never understood what the training level would produce.


Yahweh was harsh with me, training me longer than most, and He did not let me lead with my fleshly way for long periods. Yahweh would pause the training if I did not deal with hurt and bitter ways where I noticed that I needed help with it. He wanted me to state how I really felt and not say words I thought He would care to hear.


When experiencing pain, there needed to be a place within where I knew that I could not ignore Yahweh no matter what. No matter who else ignored me, I had to stay in fellowship with Yahweh. When the pain was too great, sometimes Yahweh would give me some time to be angry, hurt, or weigh the consequences of leaving the work.


When you build your work on a spiritual encounter or experience, deep roots are not holding it together when heartache and troubles come. Hearing people close to you say that you are off course and going into New Age actions breaks you, questioning all those years of training. It’s just as if basing the strength of a human relationship on what they can give you. What if the gifts stop? What if there are no more wooing treats? Are you willing to stay and be loyal to that person as a real friend?


Yahweh wanted to get me to the place where I did get hurt, but I did not let the painful ways of others consume me where I wanted to leave Him. I had to become stable, faithful, loyal, willing to be mistreated, persecuted, ignored, and betrayed for believing in King Jesus and what He gave me to say. I had to get to the maturity level where I would share any message Yahweh gave. And sometimes, Yahweh would say ahead of delivering the message that the person would reject it. What a painful way of living, a reformation prophet.


And even now, when I get discouraged, I lie in bed or on the sofa and recall moments with Yahweh that strengthened me to believe His realness is more than an experience. And when I read the Written Word, I marvel at how this is the same God who never fails, will always be with me, whether He gives visions, dreams, or says anything today.


At the moment of typing this note, I am about to enter one hundred days of spirit stripping to make the ten-year world-level mantle training bearable. Where is the training placement? What plan is leading? The plan is thirty years as a novice (completed), a transition (finishing up), and then into ten years of mantle training on a world level.


When the world comes and says, “we don’t want to hear Yahweh give Kingdom order and bring us a new way,” there needs to be a stable way, yielding faith in one’s ability to do the will Yahweh gives and not fear the outcome.


And there are still three years of presentation to complete.

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