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Seersgate - A Modern-day Prophet and Judge

"I love Yahweh. I can't imagine doing any other work for Him. But I wonder if I will ever be ready. Even after thirty years of training, there is still so much to learn. Stay with Him and let Him work through you in His own way. He will let you know when you are ready."



Below is a taste of Seersgate's training schedule, the stages of change that marked noticeable differences in her mantle, work, and seer traits.

Novice Training

Thirty-Year Span: started at age 13; Seer traits given at age 15

Cave Training

Ten-Year Span: Halloween 2010-Halloween 2020

Transition into the full Way 

Conditional Release: Father's Day 2021

Preparation for Ten-Year World-Level Mantle Training

Activation / Preparation for the First Workday: Yom Kippur 2021

Declaration for Release into World Prophet Work

Declaration made: Father's Day 2022

Here we will prepare for world-level engagement.

Cut Off the Old Way

Declaration made: November 24, 2022

Curses and judgments from the old way are solidified.

Ten-Year World-Level Mantle Training

Began on December 25, 2022, but Yahweh placed it back on hold. 

A New Way

April 14, 2023

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