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The Governing Plan for Prophets


​There are various territories a prophet is assigned to influence. Upon full release, a prophet operates in their sphere of influence in the Great King in one of these six placements:


  1. Church Building

  2. City

  3. A Territory Within a State or Nation, or Government-Standing, in Boundaries

  4. Nation

  5. Nations

  6. World


Church Building


Certain prophets are assigned a church building to govern; and that would be the range of their territory—to stand with the church pastor, under the pastor’s leading, to give the Word of the Lord and protect the gates, as well as keep a pure stream, in spiritual details, to the front.


The church prophet receives an essential task that requires working with others who are strong in spiritual warfare and work in unseen details. With spiritual seeing, the church will have fortified protection against the Satan-sent workers who infiltrate church gatherings with false doctrines and hidden curses.


Churches must be careful to use a prophet called by Yahweh to have leadership over spiritual prophetic actions to curb the false and to bring up novice prophets under the house, with encouragement, nourishment, and decent gauging of interpretation.


Churches must not fear the prophet’s office. Yahweh has installed the prophet’s office to work with His other four office gifts to build up the Body of Yahweh.




Specific details require an authority greater than the level of surging placed within a church prophet. City-level influence is where prophets are in a way to govern the area within a local city, whether large or small. With this level of authority, prophets with this sphere of influencing a city can break down many different walls of spiritual details to bring a substantial change into the very nature of the city itself, which would influence its residents within. This work is a powerful outreach if in sync with Yahweh. Imagine having a governing sphere that will curb the crime and bring about a spiritual growth within a particular territory, solely based upon Yahweh’s plan implemented.


Would a city-level prophet have only governing ways within their city? This form of governing depends on whether Yahweh says to live in a specific city, give the Word of the Lord, and keep watch over the land. For example, if a city leader, under natural means, takes a post over another city other than what he or she is assigned to keep a ruler way over, that person would be ineffective at their work duties.


Just as a local leader over the land needs to stay near the local city, to govern, a city-assigned servant must be in their assigned territory to keep watch over the land, gauging its infiltration. The city prophet needs to speak out against any unseen power structure that brings a purpose to kill, steal, or destroy.


When a prophet leaves a post to go and move somewhere else that Yahweh has not given, that servant is out of order. Yahweh would need to give a new order and shift the prophet’s government location and reassign them to a new city, as in dealing with city-sphere prophets. City prophets have a great work that can come forward when they walk in Kingdom purpose. When they learn these spiritual gifts in the Great Holy Spirit and learn how to utilize the mantle, they can reap such a great harvest.


Also, learning their real underlying vision will be a plan in reaching the multitudes. And learning what area of work Yahweh has given will bring great surgings of power under delegated avenues with Yahweh’s power and provision. God will release stages of work for the trained prophet based on their growth level and the will of the message placed within.


A Territory Within a State or Nation, or Government-Standing, in Boundaries


Some prophets receive a way to govern a state or major territory within a nation that exceeds the city limits. This assignment requires that the prophet know the workload they can carry within their prophet’s spirit before taking on a work level not called to walk in.


With this level of work comes the same level of demon influences in the land and in those who oppose the work in God’s will. Proper planning is needed when moving in this sphere due to the shiftings in each territory, for no two have the same boundaries and limits to push through for breakthrough.


Please see how a territory can shift its boundaries. No two will have the same outline. No two ways of territory will have the same level of spiritual walking. There must be specific training in dealing with that strong man to bring down Satan’s detail effectively.


Fighting a battle without proper training will bring a storm of unplanned demon engagement. Never start a war with a devil on your timing. Never take on any territory without a powerful surging from God’s hand, giving the authority to declare a plan into that land.


With a full release to work, God will also send specific angelic members that will bring the message spoken through God’s plan into the natural. When Yahweh sends a servant to build up Kingdom territory, He will also send angels, who will guard the servant and bring the plan from Yahweh’s will into the earth.


There is no power in the servant from his or her will. The work is a covenant plan. The prophet invokes Yahweh, and the prophet will only yield to Yahweh’s way in a covenant plan.


When there is a rebellious prophet, there will also be punishment geared to take that prophet into submissive ways, to have the Kingdom power plan moved into the natural way. Never say you will claim land without knowing that your way can take on the weight of the spiritual warfare that comes with ownership, to have the land in submissive ways. The territories are guarded well. Ensure you have the needed mantle to take on this level of engagement, warfare, and stability in maintaining watchman duties.




This work level is where a prophet is assigned one nation to influence with the King’s will.


Nations have powerful territorial angels or demons covering or guarding the land, based on how the nation received its inception rights. From the nature of whatever power source was used to bring forth the foundation, the nation itself will display that nature throughout its boundaries in spiritual turnings reflected in the natural, within its citizens and government structure. For example, with an established nation of colonials who were in rebellion against the abandoned country of home, you would be able to see the rebellion trait deeply ingrained in the way its citizens and governmental structure wage war against each other. The people will always try to have their viewpoints take a leading plan in the final statement.


When a nation has different governing rules for each of its separate states or territories, there will be a strain in its structure when it rules on dealings that determine what personal rights will be adjusted. Just in a world-known nation, two sides are dictated by the voter, who feels that each is justified to take their democracy as law and push their way over others without weighing how to govern the spiritual realm.


I have visited Washington, D.C. on many occasions. On one visit, I noted angels were walking up and down the natural stairs of the Capitol. I have seen angels so great in height that their calves reach near the top of the Capitol building. A way of guarding a nation has been given to Yahweh’s people if they will only seek the Great King and turn to Him, praying His will.


There must be a turning away from sin. With true humbling and bringing our hearts into unity with God’s will and power, we will see shifts in government dealings. Shifts in the government will happen when Yahweh’s plan takes a powerful way to gain governing outlets through the systematic prayer in a supernatural war.


To walk in Kingdom order and authority means we must pray! God says, “Then if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14 NLT).




More than one nation is assigned to a prophet to influence with the King’s will. Two or a group of closely joined countries will be a standard detail for this sphere.


Even with this level of coverage, nations are lacking in this governing detail. Some countries have no prophet who has a direct dealing plan with their structural influence. Most are trying to keep from mixing their church ways with political dealings, yet Yahweh’s Kingdom order will require the people to bring Kingdom order into everyday living.


The plan is clear: Kingdom order must be maintained within daily living. You cannot give prophetic dealings that will not bring a shift into a natural structure. You must prophet-equip the nations with a working strategy to engage each other with Kingdom principles.


These particular prophets are ambassadors to other nations, in spiritual workings, ordered to operate with Kingdom authority through Yahweh to bring a working relationship within two or more countries. Trying to get a peaceful transaction will not necessarily implement Kingdom order. To bring the Kingdom within national affairs would require speaking the same spiritual way.


The Kingdom culture must show through demonstration of natural manifestation. This demonstration is the power of God having a way to influence other nations. And with His prophets given itinerant ministries away from their home base, they will need to set up a guideline given in Yahweh’s counsel that will enable a foundation founded not on the minister’s work but with Kingdom principles, under Yahweh’s seal of covenant governing.




A world prophet is a servant who is given governing authority to give angels who guard the whole world, the Great King’s will, to shape the whole world and cause it to turn and have the King’s plan fully implemented within.


This sphere of influence is a real level that certain prophets are assigned to govern. World prophets govern all realms and regions in the world as a whole. Examples of world prophets in Scripture include John the Apostle and a man named Daniel—in the old way to move in dealing with world details.


A world prophet will be able to bring world-level messages into the earth—based on Yahweh’s will. As the prophet speaks what they hear from Yahweh, it is pushed forward in the fulfillment of time into the territory receiving the plan. With a world given as a governing sphere, this person must be entirely stripped, spiritually, of their longing for personal gain and prideful dealings to lead within. They must have a longing to be under a heavy burden given through the work placed within the mantle. And based on the message level, Yahweh will bring His angelic protection to ensure that the message stays safe.


A world-level servant is placed under harsher training experiences to handle the full weight of the assignment. This governing authority is not given in light dealings to hand over the power under delegated ways just because a person knows and loves Yahweh. A world prophet is rarely pushed forward in natural time, not unless they shift the moving of an era with the words given through Yahweh’s will. A world prophet must speak a power plan that will shape a new way. They must say powerful shiftings in the realm of the natural from what God shows the prophet in their prophet’s spirit.


The prophet has a makeup designed to handle what Yahweh gives him or her to do, but no powerful world prophet can ever have their way takeover at a point. God’s power level that can bring forth a new era must not have a human filled with pride. Yahweh must have the world-level prophet under heavy chains of submission due to how the prophet’s will must line up with Yahweh’s will.


No one signs up for the world prophet’s work level with a full understanding of the cost. The price has a mandated plan that requires loneliness, painful rejection, and heavy battle warfare. And at the same breath, the world prophet will have the deepest level of spiritual engagement with Yahweh due to how Yahweh binds Himself to that prophet.


Both God and the prophet are bound to a covenant that cannot end unless by the prophet’s death. That says, God gives a powerful release into the world prophet, and only by natural death will that prophet be removed from the duty.


The prophet of this level of work suffers a lot and has hardly any friendships, not because they are high and full of pride, but because God has very harsh demands on that servant, and others cannot tolerate losing fleshly freedom to be closer to the One True God. That way is rare to find one who will bow to Kingdom order. God plans a world prophet and brings them into natural living when a new era must come to the surface in natural time.

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