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There are angels and demons. There are ministering spirits that watch over us. But what about various types of angels that guard territories? Here in these notes, a servant shares her personal experiences when she dealt with an angel that governed a land mass and a pass along from one state to another when traveling. We have angels with us, but we are not to worship them. These notes acknowledge that we are not alone regarding supernatural protection.

Territorial Angels

Angels with the Servant


Territorial Angels

Part One


June 26, 2022

6:32 p.m.


Seersgate is giving the story introduction:


This is going to be an amazing sharing. Who would say that there are certain angels to bring a guiding over lands and territories? What I say is true, and I say it as Yahweh is my witness.


I will hide nothing.


I have dealt with various rejection levels for my notes on spirit engagement. I recall a day many years ago when a woman told me that Yahweh called me to be a prophet. And I was so excited that I went and told a leader at a church in South Florida about the revelation. The first words from the person were a disagreement with what was given. Then, within that short time, I no longer felt safe to tell any leader what I dealt with.


This experience is shared so that there would be awareness. We must go to Yahweh to gauge whether a person or a message is from His way. Yet I have learned that Yahweh will hold a prophet in a spiritual cave, and no one will have the discernment to gauge the prophet’s spirit. And this is where we must go to Yahweh and drink Him, His wisdom.


Think about the pleasures of Yahweh and His grace that He shares on the just and the unjust. Yahweh gives healing to those who have faith and those who do not acknowledge Him. What goes on within the human to keep you running takes a brilliant and powerful Creator. Yahweh gives a way to live. We cannot pay Him back for our daily breath. We are to worship and celebrate being in His Kingdom.


These notes are a brief introduction. I know that most Christians have an understanding that one angel is guarding their way. Ministering spirits are with the ones headed to being in the presence of Yahweh for eternity. Do you know that Yahweh will send an angel or a host to rescue His servant? Do you know that even with a relative who has turned away, Yahweh will instruct the angel on their behalf? Yahweh will view the one who is entering the Kingdom in the future planning.


I will say that when I lived in sin, Yahweh gave me visions and dreams of purpose and His coming. And His angels were near. I know that Yahweh aided my way when I entered dangerous places. Yahweh still called for me to turn from sin when I was a sinner.


I did not engage heavily with spirits until my cave way in Yahweh’s wilderness season. The cave training of ten years made me dabble in test battle warfare to be prepared to take on real ways of battles. When Yahweh opened my spiritual ears, I had to deal confidently with angels and demons. There was never any leeway to conjure a demon or begin talking with angels on my initiative. Yahweh will always lead all spiritual engagement. That will keep me safe. But first, I had to learn Yahweh’s way of dealing with a novice.


In the beginning, there were a few angels. Yahweh would let me feel the air for their spiritual weight using discernment. Yahweh gave a full seeing of a healing angel who will walk with me in healing work. The way angels speak is very different. All angels do not sound the same. Gabriel, for example, carries a deep booming weight in his vocals that is scary and would be overwhelming if there isn’t discernment. Yahweh placed a filter on spirits to have me learn them and not be in fear concerning their way.


When a person takes an office position, the way the angels come with you are in a gathering known as an Angelic Guard. Here is a key definition of Angelic Guard:




—Angelic Guard—


What is an Angelic Guard?


Prophets in the office will have what can be viewed as a natural secret service but receive protection in the spirit realm. Three to four angels minimum are given to an office worker to protect the message as the greater focus than the person carrying the message.


Let’s say you are a world leader. An entourage of skilled guardsmen or secret service agents will cover you and keep you safe from those who aim to hurt you. And this natural “army” of protectors will guard your every move and stay near you each moment of the day. 


The Angelic Guard operates this way, giving office protection. Let’s say you are assigned a city sphere to cover as a watchman. Yahweh will ensure that the particular angels with you bring forth His will in a specific time frame based on the message, purpose, and plan you carry within your office mantle. They are there to push the prophet’s licenses and obey what Yahweh gives forward through the covenant arrangement with the prophet/servant.


The angels in the Angelic Guard have the needed skills to protect that prophet’s work sphere and deal with warfare engagement.


Every follower of King Jesus has a ministering angel. Hebrews 1:14 ESV says: “Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?”


And when we think we are all alone, there is a spiritual way of protection that is rightfully ours. And in Yahweh’s book were written all the days ordained for us (Psalm 139:16), but we can do what we want (free will). Yet, we blame Yahweh for what Satan gives into others.


Evil is in the world because of sin; the sinful nature is still here. But there is still free will, where we can choose to love God or sin and break covenant with the God of all, who determines our days. Daily, the fleshly nature needs to be refused, where we walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh (Galatians 5:16).


Every real prophet takes on an entourage of angels to give the needed protection and backing from the Throne Room. The angels will only obey the will of Yahweh (Psalm 103:20-21). Yahweh’s angels will not bend to human will. 


  • Yahweh speaks to the prophet and gives a message. Sometimes, Yahweh will give the message to an angel (instead of first to the prophet), and the angel delivers what Yahweh says to the prophet or the hearer.

  • If the message needs to be delivered after the prophet hears it, the prophet then speaks the will of Yahweh to the hearer. 

  • The angels sent to bring the will forward will move into position and will follow Kingdom order.


No one can activate angels. They are not built with an “off” switch, waiting for someone to turn them back on to go to work. By prayer and supplication, asking for a new engagement must first go through our Mediator, King Jesus. Let King Jesus know of your need for a particular way of protection, and He will take a look at the purpose for which you seek them. Call upon the Lord in your time of need.


I can recall the first time Yahweh allowed me to have direct conversations with the angels in my Angelic Guard. They would start telling me Yahweh’s plans. I did not seek them out; I waited for Yahweh’s will. These angels who spoke did not cater to my fleshly will. They were not there to bring me a platform. They are here with me to bring forward the will of Master King Jesus, to make sure the will of Yahweh is protected.


I have seen the angels that stand at my desk in my home office—one on each side. They dress in gray metal attire. I cannot see the white robes that adorn others I have seen. These angels guarding the prophet have a heavy metal covering geared for warfare.


If you think that angels are here to bring you wealth and fortune, take a new look at why we have them with us. Some are with us to bring comfort. Some heal and help us in delivering ways. They are always with us and will perform Yahweh’s Word, obeying His voice.


When you do not know what to pray, bring a prayer of supplication. Start with the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:7-15). Let us humble ourselves before Yahweh and know that He can see all and is very capable of bringing His will to pass. 


This entry is for a bit of reflection on the Angelic Guard. Angels do a lot more than what was shared here. Let us respect what Yahweh gives and give thanks for the protection He provides daily. And we pray that there is a continual yielding to the nature of Yahweh, His Great Spirit, so that we stay under Kingdom order. Amen.




Seersgate continues:


I have taken in office traits since 2010, even though I have dealt with training as a novice many years earlier. But what is the difference? Yahweh takes a novice through stages of yielding and spiritual stripping to see if they will come under Kingdom order. Once I surrendered and said I would work with Yahweh and let Him take me to another training plan, He granted specific ways of engagement that I could not fake.


When that person said I was a prophet, I was already hearing from guest speakers who came to my church, stating there was a call on my life. But Yahweh would not let them see a calling greater than a “normal” calling of a preacher. I received counsel that said I would walk in prophetic work, but Yahweh would not reveal anything else to that speaker. And in the meantime, I would hear Yahweh speak, but not at a paragraph level as right now. I mostly received messages that built up others and notes of encouragement so I would not break away.


I did not see examples of prophets of old in this current day. It seemed as if people would note the God of love but never note God the Judge and righteous King. And then, during the wilderness season, Yahweh began to take me into a way of training as if in the days of prophets of old. I learned to see Yahweh in a new way. I had to learn how the spirit realm operated and understand how I could not overrule Yahweh with my plan while still hoping He would back me.


When the shapes of angels and demons would take on a more dimensional way, I had to learn to shift, meaning, I needed to embrace that way of training. There were times I felt I was living like two separate people—one way was by hiding the level of spirit engagement I dealt with. Talking with some Christians would be like walking on eggshells. I could not tell them of the meetings dealing with Satan, visits from Satan’s workers threatening me, or Yahweh revealing what the people close to me were truly like.


I had to master discipline and fasting. I had to say only what Yahweh wanted to have shared. When a person would continually go against a direct order and want me to follow them in doing something Yahweh said not to do, I would have to cut meetings with their way. When humans would try to put me on a pedestal, Yahweh would remove that post or cut ties with that person.


People want to do whatever they think is good and still think that Yahweh should give them power. Many are not really prophets; they have occultic ways of gaining information.


I have no fame or fortune, but I have Yahweh. And when He gives the way to build, there will be no holding Him from doing that power way.


The angels are not with me to give me special treatment. The angels are here to protect the message that Yahweh places in my mantle to give into the earth. So, when I tell you that Yahweh gives me forty angels in my angelic guard, would you view that as prideful ways, or would you understand that Yahweh is protecting what He has given to come forward within His timing? Along with the forty angels, I have a host of angels in the nearby heavens to keep a territorial watch from demons entering from other territories.


Take a look at what happened when I flew from my home base of Houston.


Yahweh is speaking His will:


What happened, servant? Can Yahweh say what plan happened? I have all the ways of understanding, and I will push forward something major.


People like it when you bring attention to what they are dealing with. They want to be put on a pedestal. They want the crowds to say that they do a great thing. But what will a person gain by having the whole world look at their way? What can be gained from posting on social media? What is the root will for sharing your work with these people with hardened hearts who fear their leaders labeling them as fake and unstable as you are dealt with? What is there to gain? Is it now the new way of pushing your own agenda, or will you say what I give? I know you will say what I give, but I will not have you bend to the comments and the fake ways of engagement.


Find Me a person who will say they are with you and be able to take in the hard way you deal with. Can they stand with you? Most likely, they will not. So, why feel the need to share anything?




Part Two is coming.

A Transfer


Territorial Angels

Part Two


June 27, 2022

1:25 p.m.


Yahweh is leading:


To work with Yahweh does not say that there will be a money transfer. To work with Yahweh is to partner through spiritual engagement. People always want to take but rarely want to give Me their all. They will want to drink from your mantle once you are out in the world, pushed forward with a great powerful Yahweh. They pretend that there is no real world-level prophet, yet you are here in the fleshly standing.


Your training was extensive so you would be able to endure a world-level work. Thirty years as a novice way would be a challenge to keep anyone loyal and waiting to drink from Me. What proof must begin to show? Real Kingdom power. Your words will no longer be adequate. Now it’s time to bring forward real Kingdom order so that the foundation can move into the natural way.


Don’t give in to how others say you should be. There is only one true God. You must have a firm understanding of the way things should be done.


I give you forty angels who are always with you. I give you a world-level platform to build a great work. Power, not natural money, is the real Kingdom way. Remember, faith without works is dead. Show Me your faith by doing all I say to do. No people-pleasing. No more begging people to read your work. No more dangling free work in front of their vision. Stand with Yahweh. Let Me give Kingdom power to bring this work forward so that many will turn and drink the Kingdom way.


You have a major angelic guard to watch over the message kept within your spirit. The angels take on different work duties so that you will have a well-rounded work way. They are not with you to build you a pedestal. The angels watch your surroundings and obey Yahweh’s word. The Word of the Lord comes with a clear seeing way, lacking the filth and tainted vision that humans carry.


The Word of the Lord comes from Yahweh and will not falter. Yahweh can give a will and then change that will. I can overrule a former will and place a new plan in that order. The angels will not bend to human begging or do a plan that contradicts the will Yahweh gives. The angels will not have natural intercourse with humans. The angels serve Yahweh in a pure way.


What I will share is a holy plan. What I will share will one day be moved forward so the world will see it, the spirits under Yahweh’s way. Do not cower. Let’s now share.


Seersgate says what Yahweh gives:


While leaving the Houston area, Yahweh chose to give me an unexpected seeing way. Upon takeoff, Yahweh told me to bring my attention to the wing. I stood in an airplane. My position was in a seat, yet I stood within. I sat near the airplane wing and noted a large angel covering the span of a few seats from the area before and behind me. This angel from Houston was attached to the plane as if stuck to the side. I did not converse with the angel. I only observed how the angel came from Houston with me and stayed there next to the wing throughout the first portion (from Houston to Atlanta).


And something took way when we were in our final moments before entering the Atlanta airspace. The angel left, and another angel took its place. The Houston-based angel left at the border of the city of Atlanta and returned to Houston, while another local territorial angel came and gave protection for that timing over that new region. Territorial angels escorted me. There was a way of honoring the office, for these territorial angels are not members of the angelic guard who are always with me.


Then, upon my way in returning, there was a real change in how I was escorted; not a territorial angel stood near my way. But a great host of angels covered the sky, surrounding the airplane, moving through the air as if protecting someone of a higher placement.


Please show me Your great will, Yahweh, for Your purpose is important, and we must not be led astray by titles and the cares of this world.


Yahweh is leading:


Seersgate, people must never put you on a pedestal. They are never to worship you. Please see it; this power must build a great work that will overrule all natural outlets, bring Kingdom order, and bring real Kingdom culture on Earth.


Your mission has not changed. You are under a mandate to preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of Christ Yahweh, for you are not a regular worker. Stop trying to be like everyone else, lacking My power and the great purpose. I call you forward to walk in the fullness of the office traits. I awaken your prophet traits as a world-level plan and will now begin to give out the power under your hand.


I gave you your release while you were visiting the folks of Virginia Beach. The cemetery visit was very important and set you up on a power plan. I had you block a family member because her husband has caused many people to see you as a false prophet and one who is mentally unstable. He has been a one-man power movement that came against your way and has made his whole family drink a curse.


I will not bow to humans, people thinking that there is democracy in Kingdom order. I still give free will, but I will not bend to following what a human wants. I am Yahweh. And that other woman is scheduled to enter the Hell for how she came against My work and has spat upon you as a prophet of old. I have her place scheduled. And you felt the demons that are tormenting her even in this season.


I am Yahweh. I will not bend to household order. You will build wherever I say. Leave him in this old plan. Let him beg to have their love even though they spat in his face.


I am Yahweh. I will not pretend to be friends with the ones who will not stand up for our work. I will not let you.


I am Yahweh. Now go forward into a deep power way. Go. Go. Go. Time to go and do church visits. On one occasion, I will push a power surging such as never felt in all the Church era. Get ready. Turn, over the next seventy days. Your South Florida trip is your assignment. Visit that other church. Let Yahweh gauge their way in person.

The Warriors of Yahweh


Territorial Angels

Part Three


July 2, 2022

1:07 p.m.


Yahweh is leading it:


I hear the people say, “Prepare for an apocalyptic era!” but Yahweh is saying something quite different. Can any human stop My will from moving into natural dealings? Can humans say what Yahweh is planning to do without knowing the will that Yahweh says?


They look at these little distractions and say that the world is coming to an end. But where is the way of latter rain? Where is the heavy rain? I shall pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. Where is the making one pure and holy? Who can stand and say they can declare life or death and literally bring real life forward or speak death and have a person fall dead? Who has been given the power level of a resurrection plan and can bring back any dead person without Yahweh surging into that way? No one can become a real, actual God. I AM.


You are not made in My image to be a God Yahweh. You will never be Yahweh. You are not a god on any level. But a human can bring ways of judgment and delegated authority to put other humans under their judging ways and would appear to be god-like in determining their fate. But the traits of I AM / Yahweh: no human will ever take in that level of being.


And it is God Yahweh who created angels. What human can create a spirit? Even in natural sexual details, the spirit that is birthed forward comes from Yahweh. No human can create human life, put breath in their body, and give the human a way to maintain. I AM/Yahweh is the only One True God. So, humans, now that Yahweh placed you in an accurate standing, see if you can make angels and demons. Can you create them, you mortal human?


Houston is dead. It will stay dead until the curse comes forward in fullness. That so-called prophet said there would be a great moving of Yahweh in the Houston way. One of you is wrong.


Seersgate says the way here:


Now, we know that all believers will have a plan to gain protection by having ministering spirits. And we know that houses of believers and church buildings, for example, will have guard angels standing watch in that covering. Some angels record the details of events. Some angels cleanse the atmosphere, and some angels bring messages to sync the earth with Yahweh’s plan.


Since Yahweh always had angels operating under His care, why should the current Church plan ignore the protocol of receiving protection? Natural nations have armies that defend and protect their borders. Should Yahweh have a lesser way of protection in Kingdom order? Dear one, you cannot activate angels to come to your rescue, nor do angels have an on/off switch. There is no secret manual of hidden ways to get angels to do your will.


Instead, call out to Yahweh for protection! It’s that simple. Humble yourselves under the hand of a mighty God. This requirement to humble ourselves is for all of us, regardless of our level of Kingdom work.


Territorial angels are slightly different from guardian angels over people and buildings. Truly see how large angels hover over the U.S. Capitol. Yahweh installs territorial angels to ensure a plan begins and stays on course. There is a certain amount of leeway where free will is leading within the human, but ultimately, the baseline of Yahweh’s plan will come forward.


Are we fighting against Yahweh when we insist on our way? Notice how it doesn’t matter who is in governmental office; Yahweh’s ultimate plan of Kingdom order will begin. Yahweh turns the heart of a king (or ruler) whichever way He would want to turn it.


Yahweh will say,


“I will speak to that person late in the nighttime and bring them My plan. I will continually bring My will forward until they yield. And then I will release the spiritual torture I placed upon them. And I will send My angel of territorial strength to protect the border so that when Satan’s worker would attempt to come against My plan, there would be a barrier in the spirit realm.”


Territorial Angels Bring Protection to the Structure


Yahweh is leading:


I judge a nation. Didn’t I do that with Egypt, where I looked upon pharaoh, his household, and yet judged the nation with him? Did I separate and pick and choose who would receive punishment when dealing with the nation? How should I judge the United States? I have given it great prosperity, yet are they bringing worship to the One True King? Or is it a rebellious nation only wanting to look within and claim their way of being their own judge?


What should I do with the nation you currently live in? Should I bend and let them serve Satan through Satan’s brides? Should I honor them as they infiltrate churches with yoga, séances, sexual misconduct, and false doctrines? They are more worried about the letter of the law when sin is taking hold of the ones who say they love Me. Should I judge them as a whole and have you go and build our introduction in a new way?


Who will bow and say they will tear down the altars that honor Satan? Who will strip the media and implement Kingdom protocols? Who will say that Seersgate is following Yahweh with this way of changing the structure?


They say that when there is a disaster, it’s Yahweh’s fault. When will people see that Satan will always bring a way to distract, hinder, and cause doubt to fester?


What did Egypt carry when I dealt with the nation? I dealt with their lowercase gods. And how did that engagement reveal itself? Through natural plagues, spiritual warfare, and spirit engagement—with a separation between those who are Yahweh’s and those who are judged as one nation.


Not every Egyptian hated how the Jewish people were. Did every citizen want slavery? Did everyone feel like pharaoh, or were they in a nation bound by citizenship—loyal to the gods the nation carried? I showed real anger against a nation, and I could have taken death in their way within—all in that nation—yet I chose to bring systematic breakdown.


But what did I do before yielding out judgments? A prophet came and gave negotiation. Seersgate, are there prophets who are giving warnings of what Yahweh will yield? Some say they are. But what did I do differently through Moses? I backed him up. I gave him authority to speak in My name.


Note that reformation prophets have a greater weight, for people fear taking their side in how they say Yahweh said something. But there are stages towards the judgment coming. I will, with any released prophet, share with those who are pivotal what My plan is, so they will also bow and fulfill My plan.


When I dealt with Egypt, I was looking at the territorial spirits. Doesn’t it say that I waged war and judgments against the gods of Egypt? Find it.


For I will pass through the land of Egypt that night, and I will strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and on all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgments: I am the Lord.

—Exodus 12:12 ESV


Yahweh continues:


So, what did I use when breaking Egypt? Was it a natural army, or was it a spiritual way? I brought in territorial dealings of angels and waged war. But I also use demons. Put how I placed a destroyer and gave death.


For the Lord will pass through to strike the Egyptians, and when He sees the blood on the lintel and on the two doorposts, the Lord will pass over the door and will not allow the destroyer to enter your houses to strike you.

—Exodus 12:23 ESV


At midnight the Lord struck down all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh who sat on his throne to the firstborn of the captive who was in the dungeon, and all the firstborn of the livestock.

—Exodus 12:29 ESV


Yahweh continues:


There was an agent acting on My behalf. Look at the wording, how the LORD will not allow the destroyer to enter…


Excellent. It is becoming clear to others. I use agents to carry out My will. I use territorial angels and demons. My will and purpose will ultimately move forward. No one can make Me bring plagues or famine out of anger ways. These humans carry ill practices and traditions, still hating other races, still wanting to bend to their thinking. Even churches are turning away from standing with Yahweh. So, when I judge, I literally have to deal with whatever governing spirit dwells within that land.


Look at the nation you currently live in, seersgate: They rebel against their own government when they do not like what they hear. If a state gives one ruling and does not like that, they rebel. A governor can go against a president. A president can go against his cabinet. All these rebellious ways of not needing anyone else.


Do they really think there is freedom here because of fighting battles in other nations? No one should be in any form of slavery. Indentured servants are not considered here. Do they think freeing anyone would bring freedom from bondage? For what is actual freedom? Slavery in the hearts of man, released, spiritually, by the blood of King Jesus. And then, with love from Yahweh, all would value Yahweh’s way for humans and love according to the Spirit’s way.


Territorial angels cover a particular territorial space not gained in an outline based necessarily on natural boundaries. I look at the real purpose.


Imagine having one territorial angel walking around the natural perimeter of “the mall” in Washington. Imagine a territorial angel standing in the ocean near a major city hub. Imagine territorial angels guarding world-level leaders. You think the battle is with the human, dear one. The battle is spiritual, and Satan has you thinking that it’s your government that’s bringing you under chains of hardship. Satan has you thinking that you will always have freedom if you defend your rights.


What is actual freedom? Bowing to Yahweh. If you can see that I can torment with visions and dreams, demons, and battle warfare, would you trust that I can place the right person inside governmental positions? If Yahweh is this powerful God, can one vote change My way? How long has the nation turned to lowercase gods, yet I did not destroy you?


People think that natural wealth is a sign of favor and that having money is a sign that Yahweh approves. Then “poor prophets of old” and “what a shameful life Paul led” would be your heart. What do I look at when dealing with governing? I can govern without anyone in a nation standing with Yahweh.


The battle belongs to the LORD.

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