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Seersgate is Leading:


I remember the first time I heard the voice of the Great Holy Spirit. I was a young teenager, attending a church service at a sister church. The church service was going just like any way of services, and I honestly did not think there would be any hearing in spiritual details.


In my teenage years, we would go where a parent made us go and would be there to hold up the church seat, not to hope for supernatural adventures. I craved a real encounter with Yahweh from a young age, but there was nothing new, just the same ways in tradition. And it was in my heart that maybe this is what church is.


While listening to the lady preacher, there was an interruption. It seemed as if someone came and whispered in my ear. But I did not have to tell a person to speak louder over the preacher or her church worship. And there were no humans near, standing over me, saying anything directly to me. So, I just ignored the Person speaking. I did not know what God would sound like, and the Voice wanted me to do a task without proof of the actual plan being real.


“Go over there to the pastor and tell her that I heard her. I will give her the plan that she wants to go forward with.”


I thought, there is no way I am going over to tell a preacher, who would seem untouchable to a little teenager such as me, that I heard something.


“Tell her that We can feel her pain and that I will make it all better.”


I heard that request from the invisible Person and took a long look at the seemingly happy preacher. I sat there and thought of how I could not feel her pain. I saw her appearing so happy and filled with praise. This Voice would stay, prodding, needing me to give the message.


But what message would I give from an invisible Person? Can Yahweh see humans in their most transparent way, even with fake smiles and happy pretending? Can Yahweh know the heart of a person?


The Voice would not stop. I ignored what I heard and sat right there.


“I’m still here. We are telling you a real message. Just be obedient.”


The frustration of not getting the Voice to leave was overwhelming. I was arguing with Him, staring at the preacher, seeing that His message contradicted her demeanor.


I walked over to the preacher when there was an opportunity. And I told her:


“I was told to tell you this. God said, He heard your prayers, and He sees your pain. Everything will be okay.”


Suddenly, she started shouting hysterically. The pastor was already a loud, boisterous person; I did not think she could get any louder. I hoped she kept what I said a private way, but, yes, that did not happen. She raised her head after taking an in-depth view of how I stared at her and said, “God, I’ve been waiting. Thank You for giving me the answer!” And then she hugged me and went on with her worship service.


I went back to my seat, puzzled, confused. I wondered how many times Yahweh would actually say anything, and I would ignore Him. Over the thirty years since that first activation detail, I have given others their messages that were not always received. And I have learned that every young prophet must know God’s will and stand with Him. Learn to wait on the way of the Great Holy Spirit. Do not assume He says anything. Take a moment to listen; active hearing. Do this daily.


Prayer is not the part of bowing your head and closing your eyes. Prayer is to meet with Yahweh. This action is prayer, praying without ceasing: 


(16) Rejoice always, (17) pray without ceasing, (18) give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

—1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ESV


But do not be upset if you are not able to hear Yahweh as those in Scripture. I have learned that prophets tend to hear Yahweh’s voice a certain way so that the message will go out with accuracy. Not the gift of prophecy I refer to but of office work as a prophet of Yahweh.


But know that you can get clear instructions through the Word of Yahweh!


And this is how I talk with Yahweh in the store, at home, and while running errands. I speak to Yahweh the same way He engaged me those decades ago in a small church in Virginia. And I am still learning to repeat what He says concerning a will and not include my opinion.


Give prayer a try. Start by sharing your thoughts, petitions, and real feelings with King Jesus. Honor Him and give Him authentic worship—transparent communion. Actively engage King Jesus. You may not hear Yahweh the same way others do but know that Yahweh loves you and wants to hear from you.




May I suggest reading the document from our work, “How People Hear Yahweh”? It will help to understand that not all can hear Yahweh as prophets of old did.

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