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Mantle / Oil

Before my Cave Training


First Impartation

Before September 2005

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


There was a detail that took place before my Cave training when I lived in South Florida. I was still learning about the Great King and His love for me in “baby” ways, yet Yahweh still made His purpose clear for me to know without a doubt that He had truly given me this work.


The first impartation took place at a local church. Engaging the spirit realm was everyday living for me—to deal with thoughts and visions and dreams of spirit dealings even when this servant was in Satan’s service with an evil turning away. But I did not expect to have a service mantle placed upon me.


I was serving Yahweh and hoped to get a close way of touch in Him. The plan was to drink a spiritual river to fill this yearning for more in His goodness. I was at the altar in that church building, waiting. But waiting there was a good thing. What took place was a power plan in the first anointing, an impartation where the Great Holy Spirit made it so that the servant was able to feel the weight of the mantle being placed upon me.


There, while I waited for a human to pray with me, Yahweh placed a service mantle on my shoulders. It truly felt like a natural material was placed upon me, covering my shoulders to my lower back. I turned and checked for an usher because the action felt natural, as if an usher covered me. But I looked and saw that no one was near me.


When back in my seat, I felt a liquid being poured over my head, down my face. The pouring upon my face felt so real that the servant often had to touch her face to confirm that it was only in the spirit realm of taking place and not a natural detail. The Great Way looked at the vessel in a ready way to serve Him, to say He will use me.


It was a mantle and an anointing in oil, the first impartation.


Thank You, Great King, for Your power impartation. Your plan is with me, deep within, and confirms within me, Your true purpose. May Your name be lifted to a place of true glory and honor in the earth way. In the name of the Great Way King Jesus, I gain real seeing purpose. Amen. Amen. Amen.

King Jesus Touched My Hands

During my Cave Training


Second Impartation

After June 2010

Kodiak, Alaska


During my wilderness Cave training in remote Kodiak, Alaska, King Jesus visited me through a dream. It was a unique dream, where the servant was to meet with King Jesus and a few others in a casual dinner setting around a small table. The table would hold a few people, so it was perfect for a private meeting.


The others who were to show up were late and were not in a pleasing plan. King Jesus and I sat at the table, but still, the servant did not know who she was meeting with, for my eyes were veiled to understanding who He was.


There, I sat across from King Jesus in a close way, where we were inches from touching. King Jesus looked at me, which felt like He could see into my spirit, noting who I really am. His engagement was real and transparent, filled with a tangible love. He proceeded to touch my hands with His fingers, and then with His nature, He embraced me, where His Spirit brought me to drink Him.


As His hands touched mine, for a few moments, He continued to observe me. He did not back away from looking me in my eyes with great intent. I longed to sit with Him longer, but it was not given.


The Great Holy Spirit spoke to me the moment immediately after the dream and gave a clear understanding of the level of spiritual engagement. There He made it truly clear who the servant engaged in the dream. I saw King Jesus as if He stopped by for a visit of the natural way. I remember His smile.


King Jesus directly imparted into my hands. I was really sad that I couldn’t go back and spend more time with Him.


The laying on of hands is the second impartation.


May Your will truly be given into earthly details to move in shifting the realms and regions, to reflect Your Kingdom plan in full moving, Great King. Amen. Amen. Amen.

The Third Impartation Initiated


Spring, Texas

A Halloween Night, Before 2015


Susanna Seersgate leads this:


I was waiting for a long time for the Great King to fill me with power for street ministry. Many would say that no special dealing in the anointing is needed to give a person the Good News about King Jesus, and I would fully agree. But in this case, with me, the servant is not moving in general ways of spreading the Good News, with just handing out details for others to read in their spare time.


What God means by “street ministry”: His will is for me to minister to the sick and bring healing with His great anointing and glory and moving of great power. First, He wills for me to move in powerful signs, wonders, and miracles in Kingdom living. Then, He wills for me to speak the Good News, moving in giving that person God’s plan in both details.


For this street ministry level, this servant must move in the fullest way in service, not just with telling the Gospel: There must be a release in power to move in my level of work in the Great Way King Jesus. That is truly why the servant had to wait for Yahweh to give the will concerning this major will in Kingdom living.


The event happened just last night. It was a Halloween night in natural details, but there was a local church building in spiritual ways, moving in a breakthrough service detail. There was a calling within me to go to this local building. There wasn’t any hunger for that church, but power was still a great longing within me, and I hoped that the Great Way would do anything to get me into the new work way. I had no moving within to say “no” to the Great King. It was His will that gave me the will to go.


Before I left for the service, the Great King told me that He would take me into something by giving me a detail. I hoped for so much, yet I was willing to settle for just a vision in any detail that He would bring me. I longed for a real moving in this third level of the Great Way, but He would not give it based on me just wanting it. He showed me His will. I gave in to His will and moved to seek what He would bring me.


At the church way in Spring, Texas, people in the service were hungry for more of what God had promised to bring in that house detail. I looked at the many different shapes and different moving in races—to see a needed way in the full Body—to be mixed in their people in each building. I looked at what the Great Way showed me. There, He made His will clear for me to drink deeply.


In a vision, the Great King gave me His will. He showed me a lesson in submission to another in ministry. That means I will never be above getting a message or plan from God given through a vessel with a smaller sphere of covering. With a world-level calling, a prophet can think too highly of themselves when they should always have a humble heart and receive any message from God, regardless of who is delivering God’s plan. God showed me that I would never be in a place where I cannot learn from others, even if they move in a lesser governing detail.


It is only by grace can this servant move in any detail. Nothing came from me, where I have anything apart from King Jesus. I claim no special privileges with Him. There is a major calling placed upon me, and that is truly the reason in this full detail. There, as the Great Way showed me this vision for me to move in this third way in His great anointing, I had to submit, to give this leader in that building, a way to place his hands on the servant—not to impart—for the great plan was shown, how the anointing was above me. With his laying of hands on my skin, a major activation would flood my spirit with this deeper level in the Great King.


I had the will, and I just needed to come and submit to the earthly way in action to show faith in what my Great King gave me. God sent me to a local church pastor, and as a sign of yielding, I had to allow that local pastor to lay his hands on me. God showed me that the pastor had no level of power that I needed. I just had to show faith in God by submitting to a leader over a smaller sphere of influence. God showed me what was taking place.


The pastor told his prayer leaders that they needed to “work on me” some more since I wasn’t “falling out” by his touch. How could I fall out when what was flowing from above and into my spirit was a greater surging of power than what was in his spirit? That pastor assumed that I did not “fall out in the Spirit” because I had stuff in my heart that needed to be dealt with. He was relying on a power level that could only be relied on by touch when, I could see it, how God was overruling any level in that local building.


His prayer ministers later confirmed that they could see the calling upon me and that there was a real seer in their midst. This is why I have been banned from church: Too many will sense the purpose God has placed within me. But I am now ready.


I look forward to being in the field with others who love King Jesus. There may be different methods in this Kingdom work, but let our base be His great love, where we move in Christ’s will with His purpose, calling, and with the motive to do it as if He were here on the earth in a natural detail for us to follow and obey.

Finger on the Head


Halloween 2021

7:58 p.m.


Yahweh seals the servant in a world-level work:


Can you believe it’s already here?


He wanted to know if you wanted to watch television. And we were thinking of watching a movie. But I had you go and take a longer than normal time to look at the selections. About a thirty-minute span to look at what could be. And he kept nagging you to pick something. He was on his phone, scrolling, playing games, and looking at whatever he felt like. You were mocked for how we took our time. You then gave up and put the TV on the show you found it on.


You came into the room frustrated. But there was real happiness that you would not have that trapped feeling of being controlled, your every move monitored, mocked, and questioned. In the bedroom, there was freedom. There will be real freedom to do what you long to without being mocked or controlled when you are not here. You would be able to work without reporting to anyone. You would travel whenever and wherever. There would be My provision, protection, and real power. I would take great care of your way.


See why you cannot stay? If income is the hindering way, let’s end that and give you the world-level work this minute. Let’s take in real work that can shift human clay. I will let him stay here in Houston, but you will go. Where? We have given you the plan already. Now I want to move the Third Anointing within into the fullest placement. Didn’t that church north of Houston start the way? Let Yahweh bring it out. You felt heavy prickling all over your flesh. That was power. It is here. The surging is really here. And no one will halt My plan.


Your weight will be dealt with over ninety days. Washington, D.C. is home. I want to start training your way on world-level work, preparing your way to leave here and build healing rooms. We want to make you famous like a household name. But why? I can trust you with doing what I say is important. I can tell you great secrets, and you do not give them out.


I will bring forward your team. She isn’t ready—that one who keeps trying to leave the wilderness. She is not dealing with her marriage. You will witness a miracle with you and with how you turn. I will still bring healing to your mother so that she would have that real freedom. Be a ready way. Now I place My finger on your head, and I give you a direct impartation, giving you a full way of release, activating your world sphere way of work. Active. Released for real. Power filled—a real prophet. You are already turning. Drink it.

Spirit Breath: Mantle Upgraded


November 4, 2021


Yahweh seals the Third Impartation / Enablement and says:


I woke you up. Your throat was hurting, and you were afraid that you were sick. Your throat will hurt when you catch a hard cold or when the Covid virus infects you. You got a immunization treatment. You should not get sick, so they say. But they cannot make the body one hundred percent separated from deadly diseases. That’s why you were getting sick again.


I woke you at 6:18 in the new day to have you feel it—the pain within your throat cavity. I warned you, repeatedly, to keep your fingers out of your mouth. But you are stubborn in that regard. I had you wake up to feel an instant healing through you. I gave you a walk-through as I literally breathed into your mouth. I did a real spiritual CPR and gave you new air to breathe. I told you to wait and witness it, an instant healing.


Your breathing opened up. You felt a coolness filling up your lungs. That cool temperate feeling was coming in even while you didn’t forcefully breathe in. Yahweh filled you with a literal Spirit breath from His Spirit. I literally gave you a breath of My nature: healing. You felt your chest fill up with a cool temperature sensation as if you drank something cool; instead, it was a breath of cool air straight from a blowing from His nature: real healing.


I give you a real healing, a continual way of feeling My surging within. What if Yahweh allowed you to get sick so that I can heal you in instant dealings? You are a fully released world-level prophet. I already gave you the Third Anointing when I placed My finger on your head. You have real proof that I will back you with a healing.


What does it really mean? You have real proof that you can invoke Me with a real covenant. Will you see it in a full way? I literally have to breathe in that sick human clay to give them the breath of living ways. I literally do the opposite in death ways and pull back healing. I literally am the Resurrection and the Life.


Can you see what the covenant really does? This prophet covenant with Yahweh is not a regular covenant. You are not a city or state or nation prophet. You are the way of world-level calling. Yahweh gave you a breath that is turning your system inside. No laying on of hands will give you a breath in Yahweh. Yahweh will not fill the healing rooms with a way of hope. Yahweh will literally breathe within the wall of a room and fill it with His nature to bring a real healing to the people.


I gave you a breath of My nature so you will have another level of impartation. The way of yielding healing in the way of the person from your mantle is now granted. It’s this level of surging that is needed. You have a vow to have fruits, vegetables, and limited protein, but Yahweh demands a new plan of no more soda, popcorn, and heavy fried foods. No more fast food, no unhealthy processed ways or heavily junk desserts. I will limit the way you go out and eat restaurant food.


I will give you a continual healing, just like a healing room. See it; you are a sign of what a built healing room will do for others. I just showed you what an instant healing would feel as. And I will send you to random ways and have you give real healing. It is a sign gift that launches real work in the Kingdom plan. Royal Sanctum is the covering. Seersgate is the head, a house under the Kingdom order.


Your work will now build quickly. We give it a living plan. You are a fully visible world-level prophet who is out of a transition from the Cave training into a work plan. Yes, you still have a weight gain in your flesh, but that will be removed in the next three months while in Virginia. When a person drinks from you, they are in a plan that gives them a drink from your mantle. Your mantle can now carry the weight of the work sphere. There is nothing keeping you back. Walk in the full way.



The notes given are a part of the servant’s personal experiences and/or training, lacking perfect grammar and extensive editing to keep a more authentic presentation of actual training events. Sometimes, Yahweh doesn't say “an” when needed but would use an “a.” It's not a grammatical error but a note of the actual way spoken.

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