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(Notes for the Man or Woman Given the Prophet Office Placement)

Pertaining to Yahweh’s prophets:


  • A prophet carries an office position.

  • The office is not given based on personal will (wanting it to happen).

  • The office position requires an impartation from Yahweh.

  • A prophet has spiritual licenses.

  • Prophets are also given spheres to govern.

  • The human receives upgrades in their spirit to handle office-level work to endure the heavy strain of spiritual engagement, battle training, visions, spiritual seeing, watchman duties, and demonic attacks.

  • The office of a prophet never comes by attending a weekend course. People confuse the gift of prophecy with the office. Without Yahweh’s impartation, no one is a real prophet. Instead, the person is led through the gift from the Great Holy Spirit yet unable to actually shift the atmosphere or a sphere under a territorial rule.


  • The gift of prophecy stems from the Great Holy Spirit, and He distributes His gifts as He wills. Pertaining to the office prophet, there is a need for the licenses Yahweh gives. Without a covenant with Yahweh, the words are feel-good words without having the ability to INVOKE GOD YAHWEH.

  • The office is a part of the person. The office and the person in it sync, moving under Kingdom order. The nature of the office work overtakes. That’s why even when a prophet or any other office worker sins, there is still power flowing from that church, business, or ministry under that outlet. Yahweh has to find a replacement (Example: David taking over Saul’s position), train them up and then remove the office anointing from the old way to the new servant under chains.

  • The prophet’s office has direct drinking (spiritual downloads) from King Jesus as an official, geared to carry out Kingdom orders.

  • The way a prophet knows and hears the voice of Yahweh has to be fine-tuned. In the office, there is no “I think I heard God say...” or “I feel led to tell you this” or “I’m not positive, but it could be God speaking...” and so forth. When Yahweh says anything, He is not mistaken, for when He wants a message to come forward, there is a fire, a form of spiritual pushing in the prophet that compels them to give what Yahweh says—just like with the prophet Jeremiah. He spoke the word of God in compelling ways.


Jeremiah 20:9 NASB says,


But if I say, “I will not remember Him

Nor speak anymore in His name,”

Then in my heart it becomes like a burning fire

Shut up in my bones;

And I am tired of holding it in,

And I cannot endure it.


  • Sometimes, natural bowel movements come as Yahweh pushes forward His prophet with a message for that timing. You could hear Yahweh speak, and then there is a turning in your natural body that comes under an agreement with the word spoken. This reaction does not always manifest, but this is a sign with some.

  • No real servant under Yahweh can continually sin and think Yahweh will allow continual drinking without consequential punishment.

  • Training in prophet duties under other leaders can shape you but never build a real prophet. 

  • Yahweh appoints to the office. Only Yahweh can make a person a prophet.

  • Yahweh gives the prophet the words to say. The word of the Lord is spoken from a RELEASED servant, and Yahweh is invoked to bring His will forward.

  • A real prophet is spiritually chained to a covenant with Yahweh and works with Him in Kingdom duties within that governing sphere.

  • There are no major or minor prophets—just territorial spheres to rule.

  • A prophet can speak presumptuously but will be punished for moving out of Yahweh’s plan. The presumptuous speaking means that prophets are still human, with free will. Prophets are not robots. Prophets have human thoughts, and they must be careful not to add to the word of the Lord based on what they feel Yahweh is saying.

  • The word of the Lord comes directly from I AM. I AM can give a new will that overrules an old will to bring a new plan forward, such as with the city of Nineveh.

  • Yahweh’s will is not always encouraging. When a prophet speaks, there may be correction and death sentences or a form of punishment.

  • Wilderness and cave seasons are required to walk in the fullness of the office.

  • Spiritual breaking and lonely ways with Yahweh come with learning the office.

  • There is still free will, but a direct rebellion pertaining to doing Yahweh’s will would bring a form of punishment—referring mainly to a released prophet. The novice receives tests to see how well they obey Yahweh’s will. And even within the novice training period, Yahweh may give “real work” assignments, messages, visions, and dreams so that the novice would see the process of how a message comes forward into natural details.

  • Upon release, the way Yahweh deals with any servant takes on a “real world” effect, with grave punishment or removal from office work if Yahweh cannot depend on His servant to operate the governing position with Kingdom order with obedience to His will.

  • There must be no form of abuse of Yahweh’s power flowing into the office itself.

  • Prophecy comes and goes with any church, lay member, or title. Still, the prophet’s office is not a title but a covenant enabling a servant to work in Yahweh’s government under spiritual chains of obedient living.

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