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Word-for-Word - Seersgate


April 17, 2023

9:38 p.m.


Yahweh is leading:


I want to talk to you about something that is weighing. Hear Us clearly. Here is how Yahweh deals with real prophets. He says His will (plan) outside of their way, and they write it into a paper plan, Internet network, or verbal sharing. A letter such as what Paul gave did not mean it stood as a prophet’s way. Paul was a mighty used man due to the way Yahweh provided for him to move in. 


See it; a letter is telling the people what Yahweh’s plan is from a person’s understanding. But how did Yahweh deal with prophets of old before John the Baptist, who is considered a bridge between the old and the new way? I would say to a real prophet, “Write this down word-for-word,” and a real prophet would say (dictate) what I say. Here is an example. I see a prophet sitting on the couch, taking a break. I would stand with them within and even come and make a permeating power presence. There, they would go on with doing their plan until they heard Me say something as if I literally stood next to them or whispered in their ear or said a meeting plan in an overwhelming way. 




  • The Servant is viewing what is on the TV.

  • Yahweh stands in the way, waiting to hold a conversation.

  • Yahweh: “Servant, get a pen. Write down My words.”

  • Servant:” Yes, Yahweh.”

  • Yahweh: “Date it. Give it this title. Here is what to say in that meeting.”


Then Yahweh would give the words just as if the Servant heard a human speaking to them in their way. Direct engagement through word-for-word conversation is the way We —Yahweh— deal with a modern-day real office-level prophet Seersgate. Share how you hear Yahweh. Put bullets.


Seersgate says it:


  • Yahweh speaks to me in sentences. There is no feeling, wondering, or guessing. 

  • Yahweh talks to me day, evening, and in the middle of the night while sleeping.

  • Yahweh doesn’t need me to play “soaking” music and wait to hear Him. He speaks, and I reply. I speak; Yahweh responds to me based on our covenant work.

  • Yahweh is in a covenant with me to hear me and to be invoked by a Servant office prophet.

  • Yahweh is not in my feelings. I don’t feel Him saying anything. Yahweh literally says what He wants to say. Here is an example of engagement based on a human relationship: If you have a husband or wife sitting next to you and saying to take down his or her notes, you are only dictating their words, and whatever they would say is not based on your feelings. Would you need to play soaking music and pray in tongues first before being enabled to hear your spouse? Yahweh deals with me similarly, where He just begins talking.

  • Yahweh also sends angels to state His will, and I would write down what the angel gives. 

  • I also have visions and dreams. Yahweh would interpret what He gave at His timing.

  • I have heard Yahweh speak to me in conversation from since a young teenager, over thirty years ago, but Yahweh brought an intense level of hearing and seeing traits in 2005. And the Cave training of ten years brought heavy spirit engagement.

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