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Authoritative Standing Teachings and Messages Given to a Modern-Day Prophet of Old

What does Yahweh have to say? What Yahweh says is not spoken by someone who has not seen Yahweh through visions and dreams. I have heard Yahweh give conversations as if sitting right next to me, but I will not claim to be Him. He chooses what He will speak about and will not grant a servant permission to usurp His great will. Being with the Great Yahweh in training is more challenging than the ones who say words of feel-good would claim. I'm learning to wait on Yahweh while He brings His purpose into these pondering placings and builds a bridge from the old age into the new.


A prayer: Yahweh, please lead the work. Please bring a revealing plan into Your people where they can discern Your will. We pray and ask You, may we have a seeing and hearing in Your way of Kingdom order, and please grant us the wisdom to govern the work well.

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